The Fourteenth Generation 十四世

The Moks originated from Ancient Central China 古時江陵 – 即現今湖北省荊州巿 (Hubei Province, Jingzhou City) as a rich traveling clan till the Northern and Southern Dynasty (420 AD to 588 AD) when their talents were recognized by the Court of the King 魏穆帝. After that, generations of Moks were involved in the histories of China, but those were ancient times and details were not archived properly.

The first recorded ancestor 德善公 moved from 東莞縣大井村 Guandong Province to 翠微村 Village. The 8th generation 與京公 moved again to 會同鄉 Village (Guandong). The old registry recorded these facts but deterioration to the Registry is evident.

Around 1735 AD (Reign of 乾隆), the 10th generation 輝巌公 failed in his attempt to return to “Big Well” Village 大井村 and co-ordinate an effort to update and combine the Registries. Only records from the 6th generation onward were rectified at that time. The 11th generation 蔭延公 further amended another 80 years worth of history. As people were dispersed all over the country and overseas as merchants, they meet every few years or even every few decades. If events and people are not recorded properly then these is a risk of losing more details over time.

A number of us elders talked about this and consensus was reached to assign the task to 藻泉公, 履仁公, and myself. All necessary expenditures are donated by 藻泉公. Since he is fully occupied in business, it was delegated to myself to complete the task.

I feared the magnitude of this task and my inability to accomplish it, but since I was given the mission I have to do my best. The Registry is now complete, with proper charting of statistics, lineage, and history.

I can say to each reader of this Registry that I am pleased with its completeness and proud of it. However, the people at 大井村 that was split away in the registry and did not join us in reconstructing the Registry to meet the wishes of 輝巌公 is something that is regrettable. If we have someone in the future who will accomplish this reconstitution of the Registry, it will be most appreciated.

 – Dated 1919 AD by 14th Generation Author 履漢 (Descendant from Branch #1, 2nd generation 世華公 lineage)

Original Chinese Document 中文版